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Advocating for Better Sleep and Work

I started this blog writing project during the height of covid-19 in a fit of boredom, but I continue to write the blog because advocating for better sleep and more focused work is something that I enjoy. For my work,

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Feeling Grateful May Help Us Sleep Better, Emerging Research Evidence

One Reason You Might Want to Keep A Gratitude Journal. I’ve struggled with practicing gratitude. Even when we have a lot to feel grateful for, we have an evolutionary predisposition to feel discontent, to focus on improvement and acceleration instead


Sometimes We Have Nightmares, Sometimes Dreams— But, Why?

Research-related theories on sleep and dreaming. I journal about my dreams. I like to document the workings of my unconscious mind and evaluate what I may be processing during sleep. But how much should we really pay attention to our dreams and


This Is How I Journal About My Dreams

Digital and analog dream journaling over the years. I journal about nearly everything that happens in my life. That includes any dreams I have that I find interesting. Because my journaling methods have changed over the years from being completely


Of Mice and Wrists

A tiny blog on ergonomic mice and customizable buttons that allow for a minimalistic workspace. Most of my work is done in front of a computer. The tools that I use for my work are important to me. I have


Giving Presentations While Feeling Nervous — My Story

  A Few Steps I’ve Used To Navigate Presentations as a highly introverted (and often Nervous) human The most important advice that you need to prepare for a presentation is to do what makes you feel most comfortable. Those criteria


Sleep Well to Remove Creativity Blocks: Interrelations Among Sleep, Idea Generation, and Creative Problem Solving

Overall, healthy sleep and rest seem to play important roles in the creative process. I certainly feel and think better when I have slept well as compared to when I have not. If you’re feeling like your creative process is


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