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Advocating for Better Sleep and Work

I started this blog writing project during the height of covid-19 in a fit of boredom, but I continue to write the blog because advocating for better sleep and more focused work is something that I enjoy. For my work,

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Handwriting In Goodnotes: A Tool For Reading, Research, and Journaling

A Three Part Note-Taking Series Note-taking is fun. Most of my writing starts as a note somewhere. It might originate from my academic work or my morning journaling. These notes often form the basis of long-form, polished writing (e.g., manuscripts,


The Case For Apple Notes, A Reference Material and Writing Workflow

You can certainly “just use Apple Notes” for internet-based referencing and writing. Here are some practical use cases. There’s a lot of talk about tools and note-taking in the creativity space. In effect, tools are just tools. They may help


My Guide for Good Meetings: Good Note-Taking

A quick guide to focused meeting notes from a highly introverted academic. I often prefer writing over talking. That’s just who I am. But, in my day-to-day workflow, conversations are important. For example, meetings often require a lot of talking.


How Are Light, Social Media, and Our Sleep Related?

Digital minimalism principles for better sleep: spend more time outside, less time on the phone, and sleep better. Read this to get a research-based perspective. Reducing nighttime light exposure is a common sleep tip. Light is often coupled with using


Are E-Ink Devices Worth It?, Here’s My Experience

Some disadvantages about e-ink tablets and e-ink monitors for academic reading, writing, and note-taking. Are they worth your time?   These days, we spend extended periods in front of a computer screen. Constant exposure to backlit devices can feel draining.


Advantages of E-Ink Devices: Some Things That I Miss About the Supernote A6x

All the good things about using the Supernote A6x. E-ink devices like the Supernote A6x can make note-taking a fun experience. I no longer own the Supernote, but there are some features that I miss about it. After using it


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