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Advocating for Better Sleep and Work

I started this blog writing project during the height of covid-19 in a fit of boredom, but I continue to write the blog because advocating for better sleep and more focused work is something that I enjoy. For my work,

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June: Pause for Joy

Journaling thought loops and problem-focused coping. When I was an undergraduate, I took a course in health psychology. It was one of my favorite courses, taught by one of my favorite professors. She explained the difference between emotion- and problem-focused


Madness and Mondays — How I Start My Work Day with Focus

Disengaging, Reengaging, and Prioritizing Life Balance. Mondays have been somewhat of a struggle for me. I try start my work day before 8 AM, but that sometimes feels impossible. I sit at my desk, stare at my notebooks, open my


What’s Your Core Note-Taking System?

Necessary Components and Workflow.  The information that we collect, organize, and review represents our journey across time. Our notes form our written history. Note-taking strategies help us learn and retain new information, remember previous information from the past, and grow


Feeling Grateful May Help Us Sleep Better, Emerging Research Evidence

One Reason You Might Want to Keep A Gratitude Journal. I’ve struggled with practicing gratitude. Even when we have a lot to feel grateful for, we have an evolutionary predisposition to feel discontent, to focus on improvement and acceleration instead


Sometimes We Have Nightmares, Sometimes Dreams— But, Why?

Research-related theories on sleep and dreaming. I journal about my dreams. I like to document the workings of my unconscious mind and evaluate what I may be processing during sleep. But how much should we really pay attention to our dreams and


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