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Advocating for Better Sleep and Work

I started this blog writing project during the height of covid-19 in a fit of boredom, but I continue to write the blog because advocating for better sleep and more focused work is something that I enjoy. For my work,

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Are E-Ink Devices Worth It?, Here’s My Experience

Some disadvantages about e-ink tablets and e-ink monitors for academic reading, writing, and note-taking. Are they worth your time?   These days, we spend extended periods in front of a computer screen. Constant exposure to backlit devices can feel draining.


Advantages of E-Ink Devices: Some Things That I Miss About the Supernote A6x

All the good things about using the Supernote A6x. E-ink devices like the Supernote A6x can make note-taking a fun experience. I no longer own the Supernote, but there are some features that I miss about it. After using it


Advantages of E-Ink Devices: Some Things That I Miss About the Remarkable 2

All the good things about using the Remarkable 2.
E-ink devices are where technology, productivity, and fun meet. Although my e-ink tablets could not help me with my…


Can E-Ink Devices Improve Sleep Health?

E-ink, light in our eyes, and sleep: How are they related? Technology often intersects with sleep. There are some ways that new technology can help us sleep better, but ultimately, the way that we interact with technology influences how well


Making Peace and Progress With Task Management Throughout My Career

Arrival Fallacies, PhDs, and Goal Management Tennis games move quickly. The starting stance for tennis is about being light on your feet and ready to move in any direction that your opponent sends the ball. In high school, my tennis


Reading Notes For Writing Academic Research Manuscripts: A Multitool Method

Annotate, summarize, process, and produce. This is my ideal workflow for going from reading articles to completing manuscripts. These steps get me to my first draft.   Reading is fundamental for developing new and interesting ideas. As a sleep researcher


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