A tiny blog on ergonomic mice and customizable buttons that allow for a minimalistic workspace.

Most of my work is done in front of a computer. The tools that I use for my work are important to me. I have particular preferences for my hardware. The look, feel, and ergonomics of my equipment impact my focus, either facilitating deeper thought or distracting me.

My computer mouse is a part of my work setup that I recently changed. When I was a graduate student, my advisor gifted me an ergonomic trackball mouse. It recently stopped working, and after a week of using my external trackpad with some nagging wrist pain, I replaced it with a newer version, the Logitech M575 .

I figured that I either replace my previous trackball mouse, or if I use my external trackpad as a primary mouse, I would have to prepare some future version of myself to undergo physical therapy, at best, or surgery, at worst. Because of the pain I felt at the end of the week without having an ergonomic mouse, I saw the new mouse as an investment. And I am pleased with it (so far).

The new design has a nice, clean feel. It’s resistant to natural oils from hand use. And, most importantly, it’s comfortable

An added bonus — the buttons on Logitech mice are customizable with the Logitech software. Using my MacBook, I’ve reprogrammed the forward button to “single click.” The forward button press is silent, and it’s lovely. I don’t like the clicking sounds of typical mice. This change helps me maintain some peace in my workspace.

To be clear, I am not promoting this specific mouse. But I enjoy discussing the small aspects of my day that help with focus. I bought the mouse with my own money with the intention of maintaining a comfortable workspace. And I am pleased with my purchase for now.

I’m sure you have some tools that make your work a little more comfortable, simple, and focused. What’s on your desk?

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